Students need to have earned the four strips on thier belts and have attened class for at least three months before they are eligible for testing.  The four strips are given for goals accomplished and the three months are needed for enough practice.



One Friday of every month is dedicated to promotion testing.  We understand that students advance at different rates and try to accommodate these differences.  This page contains the forms needed prior to testing, as well as, other documents helpful for preparing and practicing at home.  All testing fees are due at time of testing.  We accept: cash and checks.  If you have any questions please send us a message through the contact form. And as always, we can answer questions at class times as well.  



Required forms for Testing:

New Testing Application
Application_for_testing_TKD updated.doc
Microsoft Word document [981.5 KB]
Required for all children who live with parents/guardians.
Pil Seung TKD Home Report card.doc
Microsoft Word document [439.5 KB]

Testing Information:

Korean Terms
This is a more complete list of Korean terms that students can learn.
Korean Terms.docx
Microsoft Word document [102.8 KB]
Pil Seung TKD Kicking Combinations.docx
Microsoft Word document [95.9 KB]
Pil Seung TKD Breaking Requirements.doc
Microsoft Word document [170.0 KB]


4:30pm White-Yellow

5:15pm Green-Blue

6:00pm Family Class

7:00pm Teens & Adults



4:30pm Advanced Belts

5:15pm Tiny Tigers

6:00pm Family Class

7:00pm Teens & Adults



4:30pm White-Yellow

5:15pm Green-Blue

6:00pm Family Class

7:00pm Black Belt



4:30pm Advanced Belts

5:15pm Tiny Tigers

6:00pm Family Class

7:00pm Teens & Adults



4:30pm White-Yellow

5:15pm Green-Blue

6:00pm Teens & Adults


Testing on Friday:

4:30pm Low Belts

6:00pm High Belts



10:00am Tiny Tiger's 

11:00am White-Bodan

1:00pm Competition Class


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Mailing Address:

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Phone: 540 320-0097


Use our contact form.


We are associated with Grandmaster Dragon Kim.

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